Gone are the days when cybersecurity was only limited and used by bigger businesses and companies. Now that most products and services are being offered online and that majority of these companies are adopting virtual work arrangements, they are now also struggling to ensure that their data is protected from unknown cyber-attacks.  

In 2020, 130 Twitter accounts, including account profiles of past presidents and Elon Musk, were breached, resulting in $121,000 worth of losses in Bitcoin through nearly 300 transactions. In the same year, Marriot also experienced a security breach that impacted the data of over 5.2 million hotel guests. On average, IBM calculates that the total cost of a security breach is worth 3.86 million dollars as of 2020. As statistics for security breaches continue to increase, research data has also shown that 58% of breaches in 2020 involved personal data.

What Effective Cybersecurity Entails

Establishing an effective cybersecurity system is no longer just about securing confidential information through the help of cybersecurity experts. These days, it’s even more crucial for you to train your team in the basics of cybersecurity services. 

With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), an effective cybersecurity structure now also means that your organization needs to coordinate its efforts to secure your company’s entire information system, which now also includes cloud and mobile security and even identity management.

What Can Cybersecurity Training Do for Your Team

Conducting cybersecurity training for your staff will not only teach your team members the basics of cybersecurity services, but it will now also allow you to build an additional defense system against one of the most common types of cybersecurity attacks. Believe it or not, this could also make or break the entire cybersecurity structure of your company. 

Know Different Security Threats

By helping them become aware of the most common types of security breaches, you’ll be able to help prevent future phishing and even malware attacks, making them a more reliable last line of defense against such illegal cyber activities.

A cybersecurity training, especially one organized by a team of cybersecurity experts, should help your staff become less vulnerable to three of the most common types of phishing: email phishing, spear phishing, and whaling.

Learn to Limit Information Sharing

Such training should also teach your team the importance of not sharing personal information, even with seemingly legitimate landing pages and email accounts. Once they’ve been taught what common elements to watch out for from these potential breaches, they’ll be less likely to become victims of cybersecurity criminals pretending to look like legitimate organizations.

Develop Better Security Habits

It’s also essential for them to note that their personal information (e.g., birthdates, surnames, etc.) should never be used as a part of their passwords. Likewise, a good password shouldn’t be too short or too long. It should include different capitalizations across an alphanumeric and symbol combination. Finally, changing their passwords regularly should also become a norm for your team until it becomes second nature for everyone.

How Can Innovative Network Solutions Level Up Your Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity training may seem daunting and may not feel worth it at first. However, working with a team of cybersecurity experts, like Innovative Network Solutions, is critical in strengthening your company’s security system against future cyberattacks. Finding the right partner can also help you create a solid cybersecurity protocol that can become invaluable for your company’s financial security and future investments. When it comes to cybersecurity services, Innovative Network Solutions can do what other MSPs can’t. Contact us today for a free consultation so that you can take your company to the next level.