INSC will augment your IT department with our co-managed IT services. We bring the tools, techniques and talent to enhance your existing internal IT department. We work with your team and develop a plan to provide expert assistance and, where needed, oversight. Our approach allows your internal staff to focus on the business instead of chronic distractions caused by disruptive user support and IT issues.

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How can we help?

Maintenance tasks may take a backseat with a smaller internal team, which can cause greater harm to your business in the end. We can ensure your computers and systems are always up to date and safeguarded, which protects your business.

Our job as co-managers of your IT is to provide access to our enterprise-level tools as well as supplement your current IT staff, eliminating the need to stretch your current staff past their limits.

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What INSC offers

Co-managed IT can offer you 24/7/365 peace of mind, and here is why: