Our Services for Stamford Businesses

Our team of professionals has years of experience delivering advanced technology solutions that are able to support your needs with 24/7 coverage. We understand the importance of reliable technology, especially for the businesses in the Stamford area. The rich history, beautiful scenery, and safe communities of Stamford make it a place where competitive businesses thrive.

With the variety of competition for industrial and commercial business, you’ll always need your company and its tech to be a step ahead. INSC works alongside your company to develop reliable, integrated solutions. Our experience in the industry and Stamford speaks for itself. Let us show you what we can do for your business through our tried-and-true technology solutions.

Cloud Solutions

Store your data in the cloud with peace of mind using hosting from our off-site location to prevent data loss or damage. We also encrypt your data during transmission to prevent access by unauthorized users. In addition to these precautions, we provide cloud services such as servers, data storage, virtualization, and hosted email.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Don’t allow your data to be breached or shared. Our backup and disaster recovery programs protect all of your sensitive materials.

Managed IT Services

At Innovative Network Solutions, we offer total managed IT services to meet all your technology needs. If your company already has an IT support system in place. Alternatively, we offer co-management solutions to supplement their efforts. Our managed services maximize the technology investments your company has already made. With programs such as 24/7 network monitoring and support, you can rest assured that your business is in good hands.

Network Operations

Never allow your system to crash or remain down again. Our network operation services include:

  • 24/7 Monitoring & Alerting
  • Reporting and Trending
  • Comprehensive Client Services Ticketing System
  • Vendor Management
  • Incident Tracking and Escalation
  • Content Deployment
  • Patch Management
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Level I and II Service Desk
  • Systems Health Check
  • Error Log Analysis
  • Warranty and Maintenance Tracking
  • Application Deployment
  • Project Management

    Project management is essential for achieving your business goals. From training to relocation and development, INSC helps you execute your projects simply and securely. Our management and technical professionals have the experience and skills you need to leverage existing systems with future technologies.

    What Makes INSC Different?

    Innovative Network Solutions separates itself from other providers by offering IT alignment with your unique Stamford business. Instead of supplying generic solutions to cater to your operational needs, we have specific experience in helping Stamford businesses achieve their strategic goals through their IT.

    We avoid cookie-cutter solutions or “off-the-shelf” products. We prefer working in partnership with you, prioritizing your unique needs as an organization. Our professionals work with you to reduce your risk, improve your processes, upgrade your systems, and enhance the control over your IT operations. We implement cost-effective solutions that benefit all your stakeholders.

    With INSC, you can be confident in your business’s ability to envision, plan, and perform. We know the value of technology; let us help you leverage the systems you already have in place, and let your tech grow with your company. Save money and time with our 24/7/365 support.