IT Project Management

IT Project Management is a complex process that is vital to all organizations and businesses. From office relocation, to office renovations and buildouts, to rolling out a new technology – all organizations eventually are faced with the need for effective IT Project Management.

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For small-to-medium sized businesses, the problem is that project management skills are rarely found within existing staff members. To successfully implement project management, an organization needs to have a detailed and thorough understanding of its business goals and needs, and then couple that understanding with existing (and future) technologies. This requires careful planning, research, and technical expertise that does not come easily.


When IT Project Management is done properly, organizations are free to grow organically at their own pace. They can also leverage technologies which may allow them to lower operating costs, mitigate risk, or both. And perhaps most importantly, IT Project Management has the ability to “level the playing field” and allow small businesses to compete with much larger ones.

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We work with you

Innovative Network Solutions (INSC) has a dedicated Project Management team that is tasked with understanding your business and its goals. Working hand-in-hand with the business owner and top managers, our IT Project Managers will show you how to align your business goals with the technology that exists to get you there. Plus, thanks to our exhaustive breadth and depth of specific industry knowledge, we can help you plan for future needs and even anticipate the potential of tomorrow’s technological changes.