It Support for the Legal Industry

Innovative Network Solutions (INSC) understands the unique set of circumstances involved in maintaining a secure infrastructure at a legal firm and is committed to providing you with managed IT services that you and your firm can rely on.

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How Advanced IT Protects the Legal Field

In today’s digitally charged world, it’s vital that businesses have advanced technology solutions that they can rely on to keep systems running effectively and protect them from online threats.

Law firms in particular are at risk because of the large databases of sensitive information they handle and store. This may include legal and financial information, personal records, and more. Law firms have an obligation to protect this client data and keep it from getting into the wrong hands—a task that can seem daunting given the rise in cybercrime, but one that can be done with the help of Innovative Network Solutions.

At Innovative Network Solutions, our team provides law firms with best-in-class technology solutions to meet your everyday needs and keep your systems secure. We prioritize taking preventative measures to ensure your systems are protected at all times.

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We understand your it needs

If you are an attorney or if you work in a law firm, you know that law firms have unique Information Technology (IT) support needs—in addition to the need for continual, 24/7 uptime and availability to serve clients, you and your firm must be the standard-bearer in terms of compliance and security. Your clients (business owners, CEO’s, boards of directors) look to you and your firm as their trusted advisor.

Our ManAged IT Services for Law Firms

 We understand the need for your data to remain secure and accessible. As such, our services include a variety of IT solutions that address these concerns and provide safe ways for you to store and handle data.

Security is Our Priority

These additional protective measures we offer will help your law firm prevent cyber attacks and their associated damages.

  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Forensic Investigation
  • Incident Response
  • Ransomware and Malware

We pride ourselves on our vigilance and dedication to all of our customers, ensuring that they are both up to date with technology and safe using it.

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