Package Goods Company Goes Wireless


By focusing on the unique wiring and storage challenges of this packaged goods company, Innovative was able to provide a customized solution that made their network environment safer and more efficient.

Client building was not wired for the network, there was no server or centralized storage, and users emailed files to each other.

The Solution

Innovative reviewed the environment and determined — based upon the size of the company, layout of the building, and difficulty of adding network wiring — that a wireless solution along with centralized storage would be the most cost-effective solution.

Testing wireless signal strength throughout the building, Innovative was able to add wireless access points at optimal locations allowing for maximized coverage throughout the floor. Adding a file server with Datto backup provided centralized storage with secure folders along with a cloud-based backup with retention.

Centralized storage with cloud backup along with business class wireless access points created the perfect network environment at an economical investment.