Hedge Fund Faces Compliance Confusion

The Client’s Challenge

Given the ever-changing IT landscape and mandatory security compliance, the client was confronted with a vast amount of regulations to review, interpret, and understand as well as what policy and procedures were required in order meet stringent regulations.

The Innovative Network Solution

Innovative Network Solutions, along with key management staff, collaborated to formulate a strategy to implement a security solution program. Our expertise in the security arena and development of programs in the financial sector provided the client with a proven structured framework. Innovative’s proprietary security scorecard was used to formulate a baseline from which we developed a detailed security program and applied a tactical approach to mitigate security exposures while balancing both implementation timeline and costs. The security program included, but not limited to, Risk Analysis and Management, Business Continuity Plan, Incident Response Plan, network and physical security, policy development and compliance, penetration testing, data classification and process management.


Ongoing security program was established and the first audit was successful. Review and maintenance of the security program against current and future regulations will be an ongoing process and provide a stable security platform.