How to Simplify Data Backup

When an unexpected event occurs, the last thing any business wants is data vulnerabilities. A strong data backup solution keeps data safe, allowing for quick data access and ensuring that unplanned events don’t create major meltdowns.

Cloud Backup Solutions Simplify Data Backup

Cloud backup solutions allow companies to reduce costs, create extra safeguards and add more strength to their business resiliency plans. They are the backbone of a robust Disaster Recovery (DR) plan.

Check out the top ways a cloud backup solution can help you with simplifying backup plans:

Top Ways Cloud Backup Solutions Simplify Data Backup

Get backed-up automatically and simply. Staying proactive is key to protection from unforeseen events, but how can you make daily tasks easier? Many cloud backup solutions are automatic and done on a regular and ongoing basis, so regardless of when an unexpected event occurs, data stays safe and secure.

Create multiple data copies in various secure locations. When a disaster strikes, you don’t want all your data in one geographic location. Cloud backup solutions keep multiple copies of your files, so if an unplanned event strikes at one backup location, other copies are safely stored at various alternative locations.

Tap into quick accessibility. When an unexpected event occurs, timing is critical. You need to get up and running and ensure that operations resume quickly. With cloud storage solutions, files can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. In addition, you’ll have an extremely high level of reliability, as most cloud services contracts specify guaranteed uptime. As a result, data may be restored in minutes instead of hours or even days. (Restoration time is critical: a backup solution designed for home users could require days to restore a business’ data; be sure to discuss your business’ needs with a reputable IT partner.)

Leverage greater security. Cloud backup providers invest heavily in security, which is a benefit to SMBs. Instead of spending that money internally to ensure your data is safe and secure, those expenditures are already included in the fee you pay to the cloud provider.

As with any solution, part of keeping things simple is regular testing that ensures that everyone understands how to deploy the solution. For example, carve out a small period of time regularly to test whether staff can recover data within the timeframe that you expect. Then, if an unplanned event occurs, getting things restored fast will be simple for staff.

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