Promotional Marketing Company Thrives in the Cloud

The Challenge

An existing client was acquired by another company and expansion by acquisition of additional companies was being planned. The parent company wanted a more streamlined, plug and play approach to all IT related functions.

The Solution

Innovative had an existing IT framework in place for the existing client and development of a more global approach to IT was required for this planned expansion through acquisitions. Innovative designed a fully cloud-based solution along with security strategies to significantly reduce exposure of intellectual property across all business groups and foster a plug and play IT platform. The global solution included cloud-based solution for both email and file storage utilizing providers with 5 nines uptime (99.999%), along with security strategy solutions including mobile device management, disc encryption, open DNS, and advanced anti-virus and malware protection.


Ease of expandability and growth with implemented systems now allows for company growth without IT limitations, ease of integration of newly acquired business units within the current IT structure.