Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

Data is the single most valuable asset in any company or organization — your business simply cannot afford to risk losing it. Data loss can result from hardware problems (drive failure within a computer server, electrical failure/surge) as well as human intervention (careless error, malicious disgruntled employee). Why take a chance with your company’s most irreplaceable asset?

Innovative Network Solutions (INSC) has an inexpensive and reliable off-site data backup solution that replicates your organization’s data in the cloud securely, eliminating the worry of loss or damage. Our off-site data backup solution is the perfect foundation for your business’ disaster recovery (DR) plan as well.

What is included in the INSC cloud backup service?

Our Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery service includes:

Data backup, encryption, and replication

Critical data is identified on each server, documented, and selected for backup. Data is transmitted offsite to a secure cloud-hosted data center. In the event of disaster or catastrophic failure, the data is available to restore to a physical or virtual server;

Disaster Recovery (DR) foundation

When coupled with other hosted, cloud-based productivity services (such as VoIP), our backup and recovery solution forms the foundation of a comprehensive disaster recovery plan for your business or organization;

Added safeguards

We monitor and manage all backups to check for failures, resolve issues, ensure successful operation, and protect mission-critical information;

Security during transmission and at rest

Your data is encrypted while it is being transmitted as well as at rest — it cannot be read by thieves;


We will configure your data to be backed-up at intervals that are most important for you and your business;

Help Desk

The INSC Help Desk and Network Operations Center is always available to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

What are the benefits of INSC cloud backup?

With the INSC data backup solution, you will gain peace of mind knowing that your mission-critical data is secure. And because it runs invisibly in the background – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – you never have to think about it, or worry about managing it. Our data backup solution is completely transparent to your business, plus, it can be configured for custom retention policies, meaning you can retain the data for as long as you need.

The INSC data backup solution encrypts your data in transit as well as at rest – following industry best practice. Your data is “unreadable” and useless to cyber-thieves; it cannot be read during the backup process nor once the process is completed. And because the solution is image-based, it can be used to protect both physical and virtual servers, acting as the foundation for a comprehensive disaster recovery (DR) plan. With our solution, should your premises ever be inaccessible or struck by disaster (fire, flood, roads closed), your virtual servers can be brought back up in a hosted, private cloud – available to your employees so they can get back to work! Our data backup and DR solution means that you are no longer confined to the contiguous space within your office building.

For more information on the advantages of our Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery solution, contact us online or call 888-398-3778.