Cyber Security Overview

Cyber Security Overview

Cyber Crime is on the rise because criminals have found that it is both easy to perpetrate and financially rewarding. Cyber criminals prey on businesses and individuals that are not vigilant.

You Are a Target

Cyber criminals can wreak havoc on your business by locking your data away from you, stealing or sharing confidential information, making changes to your data, or requiring you to pay a ransom (called “ransomware”) after taking over your network. Because cyber criminals employ techniques that scan for vulnerabilities, every business and individual is a potential target; it is a fallacy to assume that the criminals are only going after large corporations. It is imperative that you take steps to proactively guard against cyber-attacks and develop a plan to recover should one occur.

Innovative Network Solutions’ Cyber Security Program Can Help

The best defense against cyber attacks is proper network design, proactively keeping all software up-to-date, monitoring for suspicious activity, and employee training. The INSC Cyber Crime Response Team will perform an honest evaluation of your current state of readiness. This report will include both physical and electronic surveillance of your computer network and environment. We will report to the business owner or management on the current state of affairs as it relates to your cyber vulnerability.

How to Recover from a Cyber Attack

The path to recovery from a cyber attack depends largely on the degree to which the business or organization was prepared before the attack occurred.  Following the evaluation, the INSC Cyber Crime Response Team will make recommendations and design a secure and resilient system to allow the business or organization to move forward with greater confidence and reduced risk. We will provide you with a plan for remediation and stand with you every step of the way.

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