Forensic Investigation

Are you ready to respond to a breach, computer hack, or intrusion that may have already occurred?

Along with our growing reliance on the Internet and increased determination of hackers and thieves, the most important component in an organization’s IT strategy is having an Incident Response Plan. An effective Incident Response Plan is a process through which businesses and organizations recover with as little downtime and cost as possible following an inevitable event.

INSC’s Incident Response Services will provide your organization with a process to respond and recover from an intrusion that may affect your business operations. Our computer forensics team dives deep for digital evidence and provides critical feedback essential to any type of litigation and recovery. Whatever the category or type — civil, administrative, or criminal — computer technology is usually involved. Today lawyers, law enforcement professionals and other litigants must recognize the value of electronic evidence. The evidence and trail (both paper and electronic) found within storage media can make or break a case.

INSC’s Computer Forensics Division can help you secure that evidence. The INSC forensic team includes Certified Ethical Hackers, CISSP, and Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) certified professionals.


INSC’s knowledgeable digital forensics team has a thorough understanding of what is required in order to obtain digital evidence in a legal manner. Once our investigation is complete, INSC will present a comprehensive report confirming the status of all data in question, including:

Data Assessment

Data Analysis

Audio forensics

Electronic Investigation

Document Review

Evidence Preservation

Rule 26(f) Preparation

Litigation Support

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