Incident Response

It is a fact that all businesses, organizations, and individuals are vulnerable to cyber crime today. Once you connect your systems to the Internet, open or click an email, visit a website, or turn on your smartphone, you risk exposure to countless threats and exploits – from merely inconvenient, to malicious and crippling. So the question for business owners becomes, “What plan do you have in place to respond to a cyber incident?”.

While education and proactive prevention should not be ignored, the true measure of your organization’s ability to defend itself is whether or not you are able to predict breaches, detect them should they occur, and remediate any impact to the business or organization. Innovative Network Solutions’ (INSC’s) Incident Response Readiness Assessment is the place to begin.

Arm Your Defenses

Be Proactive

The INSC Incident Response Readiness Assessment starts with an evaluation of multiple data points, including previous incidents, current roles and responsibilities within the organization, software patching and updating practices, event logging initiatives, and more – all designed to gain a deep understanding of your particular environment.

The following will be performed

Proactive Threat Hunting

INSC cyber analysts conduct Proactive Threat Hunting by turning data sets into comprehensive and actionable intelligence in near real-time. INSC recognized the onslaught of data breaches companies have been experiencing, each bigger than the last. We work with organizations to reduce the possibility of a breach and reduce dwell time in the event there is one. INSC accomplishes this by using multiple technologies, which are placed in different levels of the network topology, to identify an indication of compromise; our toolset provides a full view of data movement and connectivity enabling INSC to quickly detect and analyze threats.

Our clients benefit from INSC threat hunting solutions and our cyber analyst team; this is a cost-effective solution which proves information security, reduces training, maintenance and deployment costs.

Strategy and Planning

If requested, we will build a roadmap and ultimately the associated plans for how to respond to incidents.

Tabletop Exercise

Acting as an impartial third party, we will design, lead, and facilitate exercises to evaluate the effectiveness of the IR plan.

Assessment Findings

Based on these findings, prioritized recommendations are provided that will assist in preparing the environment to better prevent, detect, and respond to future incidents.

Defined Service Levels

You will be given 24x7x365 access to resources when you need it most. We can respond within 2 hours remotely or be on our way to your location within 4 hours.

Assigned Resources

We will provide you a dedicated specialist who will learn your environment, team and more, and be there when you need them most.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Know How to React

No amount of planning can protect you from every eventuality; businesses that position themselves for success have reactive plans in place as well.

The INSC Incident Response plan also includes these reactive procedures


Assessing the current situation to understand how best to initiate and design a response strategy.


Tracking status, outstanding action items, and compiling updates as needed to ensure the incident is handled with care.


Understanding the scope of the attack by deploying the necessary tools, reviewing log sources to analyze patterns and issues, performing needed forensics, and reverse engineering malware.


Quarantining and severing additional actions by the attacker.


Removal of malware and other tools and artifacts left by the attackers.

Breach Communications

If needed, we have partnered internally with our crisis communications team to ensure the proper communications experts are brought in for the job, not relying on a one-size-fits all approach.

For more information on the advantages of our Incident Response services, contact us online or call 888-398-3778.