Risk Assessment

Many businesses today operate in industries that are governed by, or subject to, regulatory compliance acts. If this describes your business, then you know the threat of an audit is always looming overhead. Moreover, many businesses today are encountering “Cyber Security Readiness Questionnaires” – questions from their clients designed to bring to light gaps in security. Often, these questions seek lengthy explanations and documentation surrounding your policies, procedures, and how your environment is set-up and maintained. Failing to respond to a Cyber Security Readiness Questionnaire can result in the termination of a business relationship.

Be Prepared with an INSC Risk Assessment

Innovative Network Solutions will perform a comprehensive Security Assessment designed to analyze the various aspects of your organization’s technology infrastructure along with the components in place to manage and govern. This assessment will identify all security risks to the business and its technology systems. Be prepared for a security audit or readiness questionnaire by performing an INSC Risk Assessment today!

An INSC Risk Assessment will include:

Network Vulnerability Test

External Penetration Test

Managed Compliance Test

Automatically Detect and Lockout:

Shadow IT

Unauthorized Users

Rogue Administrators

INSC will Prepare the Necessary Documentation

Innovative Network Solutions will answer the questions posed in Cyber Security Readiness Questionnaires you receive, by providing detailed documentation that describes your security policies and procedures. We will produce professional documentation that will meet the requirements of the most rigorous assessments.

Risk Assessments are Important

Remember, the objective of a risk assessment is to identify gaps in your security. Gaps are the weak links that can be easily exploited by cyber criminals. If gaps are found, your clients and vendors will require you to remedy them. Afterwards, you may need to resubmit the security questionnaire with all the necessary documentation.

Because gaps in security put you and your business at risk, you must resolve them as quickly as possible. They may be easy to fix, or they may require an additional investment. The Innovative Network Solutions Cyber Security Team will show you solutions that are most appropriate for your situation. Our engineers will then expertly install and configure anything that’s needed. With Innovative Network Solutions, you can rest assured that your security needs are met!

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