Security Operations Center (SOC)

As businesses and organizations begin to recognize the ever-increasing need for data security and vigilance, many are beginning to draw thin. In-house engineers and IT departments find that they are focusing constantly on computer and network security, with little time left for research and deployment of business development technologies. What was initially conceived as a business investment is quickly becoming a business expense.

The Innovative Network Solutions (INSC) Security Operations Center (SOC) is a full-service SOC-On-Demand –managing and monitoring your organization’s security information and event management in real-time, while you remain free to utilize in-house IT assets for more productive endeavors.

Our SOC service first gets to work performing a thorough Risk Assessment of your business or organization, looking for ways to:

Reduce risks and exposure associated with Cyber Threats and Cyber Crime

Provide access to key resources to enable faster recovery in the event of a breach

Enable a broader view and deeper understanding of incidents involving data and intelligence

Then, we provide you with a choice of tiered service engagements precisely matched to your needs, including Service-Level Commitments and Comprehensive Proactive Support. Depending upon your organization’s needs, the INSC Security Operations Center will then complement your in-house capabilities by offering:

Development of an Incident Response Plan

Management of the Business’ Log Data

Event Remediation

Incident Coordination

Designed for both cloud-based as well as hybrid computer environments, the INSC Security Operations Center uses state-of-the-art API-driven automation and integration and will help your business or organization comply with PCI, HIPAA, SOX, NYDFS, COBIT, and NFA.

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