Virtual CISO

Faced with an ever-increasing number of data breaches and attacks targeting both large and small organizations, Innovative Network Solutions (INSC) has developed our “Virtual Information Security Officer (VISO)” services package.

Keeps your organization’s assets secure

Our VISO services are specially designed to ensure your organization’s assets are secure, and wherever necessary, in full compliance of the regulatory requirements affecting your industry.

Thanks to the growing regulatory requirements and oversight measures of organizations such as GDPR, DFS, NFA and the SEC, businesses of all sizes are coming to realize that they cannot afford to ignore data and security any longer. Half-measures are not acceptable. Threats against an organization’s data represent a continuous assault on the business. And while regulatory agencies do their best to keep up with the ever expanding threats, individual businesses and organizations must comply and stay current.

That’s why organizations in the legal, financial, and educational sectors demand comprehensive policies, procedures, and safeguards. Regulatory measures require that these institutions address the role of having internal Information Security Officers (ISO’s) to ensure a continued focus on threats, as well as regulatory compliance where mandated.

Full compliance at a fraction of the cost

INSC’s strategic approach to Information Security will allow your institution to implement a comprehensive Security Program which includes a team of technical experts and an Information Security Officer (ISO) at a fraction of the cost of implementing a full Security Operations Center. INSC’s VISO Security Program and Security Control Services enable your institution to stay ahead of cyber threats, meet regulatory requirements, and focus on your core business.

Some of the benefits of INSC’s VISO Security program include:

Regulatory compliance consulting

Cybersecurity tools and monitoring

Risk reporting and consultative guidance

Dark web monitoring

For more information on the advantages of INSC’s VISO Security Program, contact us online or call 888-398-3778.