IT security should be at the top of every business’s priority list, and for good reason. For starters, many businesses have to maintain their IT security to a certain standard as mandated by law through HIPAA in order to legally handle sensitive client information. Outside of legal obligations, protecting your business with improved and regularly updated IT security can reduce

  • data theft
  • cyberattacks
  • costly downtime, and more. 

Check out this short guide to see if you need an IT security assessment:

Are employees up-to-date on the latest cybersecurity threats? 

Employees have been found to be one of the biggest threats to your company’s data security. Having all employees trained to have better cybersecurity habits can save your business thousands of dollars.

Data breach investigation reports are released every year and detail findings on the most recent and most common cybersecurity threats for each industry. 

Knowing the latest cybersecurity issues and threats is essential for anyone working with confidential data need to be aware of. If your strategy does not use information from the latest reports, then it might be time for a IT security assessment.

What is your current IT security strategy and how often is this revised? 

You should be auditing your IT security system at least twice a year, although this is the bare minimum. If you are in C-level management, you will also benefit from understanding your business’s IT security strategy so you can take an active part in monitoring its maintenance. 

Do you have a plan for when a data breach or cyberattack occurs? 

If a security breach occurs, how will you recover your network? Restore lost data? How are you going to track what data was stolen? Understanding the effects of a cyberattack or data breach also means knowing what to expect in the aftermath, so check that you are ready to recover from one and prevent losses. 

Do your employees have access to sensitive data? 

Your employees will need to have access to the right data in order to do their jobs. However, providing unnecessary access provides an opportunity for a breach to occur through their accounts and devices. Access to sensitive data needs to be monitored and kept to a minimum as much as possible.

If  you are unsure of what data employees should be handling, it’s time for a security assessment to help your business keep sensitive information safe.

Are all company devices running updated software? 

Outdated company software is easy for cyber attackers to breach as they have had more time to work and find weaknesses. Keeping your software constantly updated means that these holes are regularly patched so that your software, devices, and data are not easily accessible. 

Have you updated your IT security since switching to remote work? 

The increase in remote work arrangements due to the pandemic has given cybercriminals additional opportunities to gain access to networks and sensitive data. The FBI saw a 300% increase in cybercrime after the pandemic started, meaning even more attention should be paid to your IT security since the start of 2020. 

The benefits of working with Innovative Network Solutions (INSC)  

If you have not satisfied all of the above points regarding your company’s IT security, then it is time for an IT security assessment. 

The good news is that working with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is often the most secure and cost-effective way of staying secure. With 24/7 monitoring and support along with access to a qualified team and the latest software, businesses can do what they do best while knowing that their information is safe and secure.

Innovative Network Solutions Corp is one of these teams of IT security experts offering the latest and up-to-date cybersecurity services to businesses. Work with INSC’s tech experts to discover a solution for you.

Get in touch with one of our experts today to learn more about Innovative Network Solutions Corps can help your company thrive.