Everyone who works on a computer knows the annoyance of a popup announcing an update is ready . . . and the shame of clicking “remind me later.”

It can be extremely irritating to pause a productive workday while updates run on your device for an unforeseen amount of time. But, as tempting as it may be to press snooze, software updates are necessary to secure your business technology. Here’s why—and how to make updates a regular part of your business security instead of an annoyance. 

Why do you need to update your software?

There are a couple of reasons software updates are released:

  1. A software update may introduce new features or update how a company, like Apple or Microsoft, wants its product to function or look. These updates can be a little frustrating for some users because they can rearrange your device’s appearance or functions. But these updates are usually infrequent, and users eventually learn and adapt to the new system.
  1. The second, and more critical, reason software updates happen is for security in your system and devices. They occur regularly as system security is optimized and patches are rolled out to fix security gaps that are discovered. You should take advantage of these updates immediately as they’re made available.

If you ignore security updates, on a personal level, you can expose personal information contained on your device. On a business level, entire networks are put at risk if malware infiltrates the system, with potentially expensive repercussions.

A Devastating Example: The WannaCry Data Breach

One harrowing example of a cybersecurity attack enabled by failure to update software was the global WannaCry attack in 2017. This cyber attack infiltrated Microsoft devices using a specific type of ransomware dubbed “WannaCry,” which encrypted files, preventing the owners from gaining access.

This widespread attack affected an estimated 230,000 computers across 150 countries, including those found in thousands of hospitals across the UK, and resulted in $4 billion in total losses.

Ironically, this attack could have been entirely prevented if users had updated their systems with a patch made available by Microsoft months before the attack. Systems that had not integrated the update were the ones left vulnerable to the ransomware attack. This worldwide incident taught a devastating lesson on the dangers of out-of-date software.

How to Keep Devices Updated for Maximum Security

The easiest way to remove vulnerabilities is to update your devices as often and as soon as software patches and updates are made available.

That might require you to change device settings to give you immediate reminders, or update company policies so employees know that updating software is a priority. However, these solutions still leave the decision of whether and when to update in the hands of employees.

When you work with a professional IT company that’s experienced with implementing IT solutions for corporations, your IT provider can take the responsibility for promptly deploying updates. Software patches and system updates can be rolled out automatically and simultaneously to every company device, and these updates can be scheduled for hours when they won’t disrupt the company’s work day.

This solution ensures that a device doesn’t get missed due to an “I’ll update it later” mentality and leave a security hole where malware could infiltrate your system.

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