Upcoming 2022 cybersecurity threats continue to be a major concern for businesses globally. The rate at which companies lose their confidential information to hackers and cybercriminals is alarming. Statistics show phishing emails rose 600%, with reported ransomware attacks up 200% due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic has created new challenges for businesses as they strive to adapt to the new normal—hybrid work environments or remote working. And while there are benefits to this accelerated digital adoption, cybercriminals are taking advantage of the digital transformation to exploit the vulnerabilities of employees working from home. 

Hackers also realize that most small and medium-sized businesses are not using adequate security measures and capitalize on those weaknesses to access their systems.

What are The Top 2022 Cybersecurity Threats?

Most of the cybersecurity threats we have witnessed this year will continue in 2022 but to an intensified degree. Understanding the risks ahead will help you strengthen your cybersecurity framework. 

Here are some of the top threats you should be aware of when planning your cybersecurity protocols in 2022.


Malware consists of malicious software such as viruses, ransomware, and spyware. When you click malicious links or attachments, it can block your network components, disrupt the functionality of your system, or install harmful software that corrupts your infrastructure.

Denial of Service (DOS)

DOS attacks inhibit your system’s performance by overloading your network with queries and requests it cannot handle. When your system is overwhelmed, it shuts down and interrupts your operations.


Phishing is a common cyberattack technique in which hackers disguise themselves as someone else to access your network. Mostly, they use emails to trick employees into giving out sensitive company information under the guise of legitimate inquiries from reputable establishments.

Password Attacks

Weak or easy-to-crack passwords are a risk to your data security. Hackers using social engineering can trick you into breaching security standards and expose your data to theft and manipulation.

5 Elements Your Business’s Cybersecurity Plan Should Include For the New Year

For your business to survive the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape, your 2022 cybersecurity plan should include the following:

1. Proactive Data Backup

A comprehensive and robust data backup plan will help protect your data from ransomware attacks, viruses, and hardware failure. Restoring backup data is cheaper, more reliable, and sets your mind at ease should there be an attack. 

2. Better Password Management

Passwords, if not managed well, can be loopholes for bad actors. Ensure you use strong passwords that are accompanied by Multi-Factor Authentication—it’s the simplest safeguard every employee should practice. 

The required password combination should have at least eight characters and contain letters, symbols, and numbers. Update passwords regularly and don’t use the same one for multiple applications.

3. Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability testing is the process of assessing security risks in your system to reduce the possibility of unauthorized persons breaching your network. This helps you identify gaps in your security network and eliminate them before they affect your business.

4. Regular Software Updates

Requiring devices and applications to run on the latest antivirus software, firewalls, and proxies will help eliminate any vulnerabilities in your system.

5. Regular Employee Training

Untrained and reckless employees can expose your business to cybersecurity risks. According to Cybint, human error accounts for 95% of data breaches. Cybersecurity training must be an ongoing endeavor. Make sure your employees know the latest cybersecurity trends so that they don’t expose your systems to malicious attacks. 

Partner With Cybersecurity Experts

As technology advances, cybercriminals also develop sophisticated techniques to steal confidential information from businesses. Working with experienced cybersecurity experts like Innovative Network Solutions will help you keep up with the latest cybersecurity trends, secure your business and improve productivity. 

Consult with INSC’s cybersecurity experts to strengthen your cybersecurity planning for the new year.