Getting Help When Disaster Strikes

Data can well be called the currency of today’s age of information technology. With everybody dependent on technology to store their data – both general and sensitive, it becomes important to ensure the protection of this data. Loss of data could happen due to either hardware problems or human intervention. Instances like electrical failures or surges fall under the former category and carelessness in handling data by an employee is an example for the latter.

What must one do when such data is unlawfully accessed, damaged or lost? Connecticut has a few reliable IT helpdesks that operate 24*7 to provide tech support to various users. Specific services are also available in regard to data, for instance, you can opt for disaster recovery services in Stamford when data stored on computer and other devices are lost or damaged.

Where Are The Answers?

Some IT helpdesks in Connecticut work all day, every day to answer the questions of users of technology. While technology is a known resident in almost everybody’s lives, not everybody knows much about handling it.

A common man is often met with problems that are beyond his or her area of expertise or understanding. Some of the services that IT helpdesks in Connecticut provide include 24*7 monitoring and alerting, reporting and trending, preventive maintenance, warranty, and maintenance tracking, error log analysis, systems health check, etc.

What is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster recovery is a vital part of cyber planning and is aimed at allowing an organization to resume the functioning of its vital functions post-disaster. It involves the storage of critical data and system information at an offsite or cloud facility. Disaster Recovery Services in Stamford and in other locations follow the planning and testing process of recovery.

Planning is intensive and provides a structured response to the disaster and entails a step by step strategy that is to be followed to recover systems and minimize negative impact. These plans are then tested by simulating prolonged conditions of disaster in the system and network.

Disaster Recovery Services in Greenwich, Connecticut

Disaster Recovery Services in Stamford provide a host of services including data back-up, encryption and replication, disaster recovery foundation consisting of a comprehensive recovery plan, security during transmission and at rest as data is encrypted at all times, retention by periodical back-ups of data that is most important, and IT helpdesks made available to all in Connecticut. Rather than attempt a DIY job or hire an amateur, it’s best to outsource to professionals who know data recovery like the back of their hand!